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Download new model for Gun Disassembly 2 and World of Guns - Beretta 93R

Features of the model:
- full disassembly/reassembly (87 parts)
- operation (fire, unload, reload, safety, burst (for WoG only))
- additional: stock, forward grip

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Ray Tam 2017-11-22 21:44:33
How come it can not fire in burst mode?!?!?!
Flagg 2017-11-26 13:08:57
Why no burst mode for GD2 users?! I pay for the complete model, what the hell?
Anon 2017-11-27 01:20:43
Itâs sad that GD2 users get less and less prior, I paid for lifetime access and now get models with such delay from WOG and now even without burst mode...
Upset customer 2017-11-27 19:14:54
I spent 50 fuckin bucks on these models and no burst mode?! Fix this shit now or you don't have my recommendation any longer.
N/A 2017-12-08 03:37:39
anon 2017-12-09 01:06:18
Just ask them to transfer your progress to WOG.
William Jones 2017-12-15 20:12:08
Can yall please add the taurus pt111 millinium g2? This is a popular cc subcompact pistol and I am going to vet one myself. Thank you

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