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In order to get full functionality, our applications need internet access. Each time you launch the application, it will ask the server for updates, new models, etc. If you do not have internet access or your computer is blocked by security policies, however, it is possible to install new models and updates manually. Please refer to the instructions below.

1. Registration.

The first time you run the application, it creates a file in the\My Documents\Gun Disassembly 2\ folder named udid.txt. In this file, you can find the unique identifier for your computer. Please copy this identifier and paste the UDID field on the registration screen.

2. Downloading Models.

Each model consists of two files: the info_.ivy file and the model_.ivy file. The first file contains all of the necessary information for displaying the model in the application interface, and the second contains the model itself for disassembly/assembly. When the application updates the interface database, it downloads the _.ivy files for the new models, and when you purchase some models, the application downloads its corresponding model _.ivy files.
If you want to install the files manually, you just have to download these files and place them in the \My Documents\Gun Disassembly 2\ folder. You can download all available info and model files from your profile page in the "manual installation" section.

3. Purchasing Models.

You can purchase any model within this site on the online store after logging in. After purchase, the files for your model will be available for download on the profile page. To access your purchased models, you will also have to download your digitally-signed access .iap file and place it in the \My Documents\Gun Disassembly 2\ folder. You can download this on your profile page.

4. Updating the Application.

In order to update the application, you have to download the latest installation file on the Downloads page, then run it on your device. Some files in the application package can be manually updated only by installing the latest build (general images, strings and so on).

5. Some Recommendations,

Because internet access is necessary to receive information about new updates and models, we recommend that you subscribe to our news updates. By turning the subscribe options on in your profile page, you will receive emails with the latest information about our projects.

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