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Best app for gunsmiths in training Fun as hell, great animations and sound. I just wish you had to do more yourself during assembly and disassembly. Suppressors need gas exiting the tube, and bullets mid flight should be added. SiG 552 has a magazine glitch, transparent mag doesnt load and has same texture as the other. 10/10. Bravo.

I am the owner / CEO / Chief of development of McBride Tactical Gunworks Inc. This application is extremely useful to my company in regards to the custom shop operations. We have a vast library at hand for the gunsmiths to access but this program has proven to be faster and more practical in regards to assembly/disassembly of many designs. It is true in sequence of disassembly for the most part and refers to parts by correct manufacture specific nomenclature. I highly recommend this app for the hobby enthusiast to the professional. Amazing resource.

Amazing! I absolutely love this app and As a U.S. Marine i find this app most helpful in teaching young Marines about firearms. And i would be able to teach so much more in depth using your application. Please add M240, M249, and the Browning M2 HB .50 Cal.

I would like to start out by stating that I have never once spent money on a Droid app before. That is before I discovered your Gun Disassembly 2 program at the play store. I have recently purchased a couple of firearms for home protection and have since become somewhat of a gun enthusiast. This led me to seek out any apps that would serve to inform myself about the workings of firearms. After downloading and subsequently uninstalling file after file of mediocre programs that lowered my expectations I decided to go out on a limb and install your enormous (for a Droid app at least) software. I struggle to find the words to encompass the satisfaction with my decision. After about three hours and only two of your free guns it dawned on me that I had completely lost track of time when my wife emerged from the bedroom wondering why the heck I hadn't come to bed yet. Your app is everything and more that I could have expected for any platform let alone a humble cellphone. Unfortunately my firearms were not part of your free offer so as mentioned for the first time in my life I decided to part with some of my hard earned money for a cause that I deemed amply worthy. I want whoever is reading this to personally commend any and all individuals involved with producing this software. This program is far more than just some dime-a-dozen, cheap thrill game like so many out there. I for one lust for knowledge but you have truly achieved the rare goal of making a superb educational tool that can be enjoyed by anyone. A perfect balance of form and function. I can't wait to delve into your entire library in the future and will continue to vehemently encourage anyone I come into contact with to do the same. Thanks, and keep up the GREAT work.

Great This is a really great app. It is just my luck that the SG552 is free. I would prefer the SG550 or the SG550 Sniper since I have a soft spot for the 550. Other than that, it could use a few more free weapons.

Epic It should have 100 million downloads best app/game ever if I could I would 10 stars

Amazing! I know many people have griped about so many of the weapons costing an additional fee but as a 3D design drafter and graphic artist I know all too well just how much time and effort must go into creating these amazingly detailed models! IMHO the devs earn every penny they iask for. Seems like most people have gotten spoiled by the number of free and low cost apps out there... so much so that they seem incapable of grasping the fact that some apps have every right to cost more.

Thumbs up to noble empire for a truly amazing app. Huge value for money. The graphics are wonderful and high quality the range of guns is huge. Exceptional work guys

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