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Gun Disassembly 2
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Gun Disassembly 2 lets you delve into the inner workings of guns from the largest gears to the smallest screws.  The program is as true and accurate as possible to the actual workings of its real-life counterpart.
Gun Disassembly 2 comes with five different modes:
- Demo
- Operate
- Disassembly
- Assembly
- Game
Choosing Demo Mode will take you through the steps to assemble and disassemble your gun.
In Disassembly and Assembly Mode, the X-Ray View looks directly through the gun to show you where all of the parts are located.
In Operate Mode you can fire, slide moving parts, and reload the gun when the magazine is empty. Slow Motion View allows you to see the gun’s operation in even more detail.

The Game Mode of this application is a mind-teasing puzzle. Here, you are given the challenge to rearrange and reassemble the gun in the fastest time. These times are then recorded locally and globally in our highscore tables, where you can compete with other users. Parts are usually assembled and disassembled in a logical order, but sometimes the order is determined by specific safety or mechanical limitations.

- Full 3D, graphically detailed, poly-textured models
- More than 100 parts per model to disassemble, from the frame to the springs and screws
- Modern and historical gun models
- Original gun part names
- Unique disassembling technology with fully-animated 3D models
- Five modes: Demo, Operate, Disassembly, Assembly, and Game
- Hints for each stage of the Disassembly/Assembly process
- Slow motion in the Operate Mode, with two speeds available – 1/4 and 1/10.
- Action revert (undo) function
- X-Ray View in the Disassembly and Assembly Modes.
- Four-level X-Ray in Operate Mode.
- Local and Global highscores for timed challenges
- YouTube links to real disassembly videos for each gun
- Wikipedia links for further information
- Links to manufacturer websites
- Native control interface (zoom in/out, pan, other buttons)
- Realistic sounds


OS: WinXP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
Video: Any video card with OpenGL API support
HDD: 200Mb free space
Internet connection. Note: Proxies will be supported in the future

Mac Coming Soon
iPhone Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Android Coming Soon
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